Child Sponsorship

Our sponsorship program gives sponsors an avenue to take direct action to support the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities.

This is a life-changing connection that empowers the child and their community for a future filled with opportunity.

The stability and long-term nature of sponsorship enabled us to continue to provide targeted, longterm support to help children and the people around them.

Our dedicated Sponsors have continued to partner with communities to:

  • Improve children’s education opportunities.

  • Help families diversify and grow their livelihoods.

  • Improve access to clean water, nutritious food and reliable health care.

Impact of child sponsorship

At LAFA opharnage care centre we have live-in kids as well as non-resident kids and with a strong emphasis on education, we track and measure the progress of each child in our care.

There are two ways to sponsor a child – you can choose them, or you can sign up to be chosen, giving a child the chance to choose their own sponsor.

No matter how your sponsorship journey begins, it’s the start of a connection that can help transform a child’s life – and maybe yours too.

Love-Line Aid For All (LAFA) is a non-profit organisation that helps orphans, widows and vulnerable children in Africa by providing access to quality education, health and their day to day basic needs.

Child sponsorship is an effective and fulfilling way to help give a child from a vulnerable community the chance of a brighter future.

LAFA works with community groups and the children themselves to plan and carry out changes so that more children will gain opportunities to fulfil their potential in life. Sponsors witness these changes through progress reports from the community and personal communication with their sponsored children. Sponsors can encourage the child they sponsor by writing or even visiting their sponsored child and his or her family.

As a child sponsor, you are connected with one specific child. However, sponsored children do not receive cash benefits. Your monthly donation is pooled for maximum effectiveness – meaning sponsored children do not receive funds directly. You join forces with other sponsors to fund each child’s growth and development within the orphanage. You can also send care packages and gifts to your specific sponsored child.

You can get in touch with Valerie Kate who is our Child Sponsorship Coordinator by contacting her at

LAFA is an independent private Christian organisation that holds faith in Jesus Christ as central to our identity, motivation and calling to serve communities in need and in crisis.

Every child under our care is very real, with real stories. Get to know your sponsored child with letters and emails, photos, videos, progress reports, and more. You can visit your sponsored child and see firsthand how your donation is helping transform their life.

Your sponsorship is an ongoing commitment that directly helps your child. It allows you to witness the progress firsthand, as long as you’re able.

No. Community development projects are designed to be sustainable with locally available resources, technology, materials, and leadership. Families and individuals share in project leadership, responsibilities, and activities from the start. They are well equipped and motivated to continue in these projects even when LAFA ends its direct involvement in a community.

I want to impact a child’s life.